About The Greatest Melody

She’s a woman you know at work or in your social circles. She’s that woman who appears to have everything together and she’s guaranteed to liven up any party with a loud laugh and an indefatiguable ability to have a massive night. She’s the support to friends the reliable family member who comes to your aid when you need it. She’s intelligent and capable at work and has a lovely, loving and all round beautiful man in her life and yet she suffers from a secret debilitating addiction to alcohol.

Yes – that old story.

It’s as common as bread and butter. It’s that old story. About how one woman plans to conquer her own inner demons and stop drinking alltogether and embrace a more authentic version of herself. All the while stopping forever her own slow and dark slip into destruction.

It’s not completely narcissistic either. She plans on helping others and supporting others on their journey too.


About the avocado

Long story short it’s a very apt metaphor.

The two halves of the avocado could represent:

1. The two shadow halves of myself coming together. The side that’s happy. friendly, loving and capable – the light side. And the side that wants to destroy myself – the dark side.

2. Or it could represent the union of these two sides at a later stage of the recovery process when I have fully healed myself.

3. Or it could be a nice image that I filched from Etsy.



2 thoughts on “About The Greatest Melody

  1. I like avocados. It’s not at all narcissistic to take some of your time and energy and spend it on yourself. Come along, there’s always room for another. Put your seatbelt on.


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